Islay - the heart of whisky

No other region in the world represents the 'water of life' as much as the Scottish, Inner Hebridean island of Islay, where the tradition of whisky distilling goes back centuries. Today, nine distilleries are in operation on the island – each with its own distinctive character. Their names are reminiscent of the local Gaelic language, which still survives today. Islay whiskies enjoy an outstanding reputation among aficionados and connoisseurs worldwide.

Three of the nine distilleries were decisively shaped by Jim McEwan: Bowmore, Bruichladdich ... and finally Ardnahoe. Jim was instrumental in the planning, construction and start of production in the youngest member of the Islay whisky family.

All nine distilleries are important employers today, ensuring that the inhabitants of Islay, the 'Ilich', have the prospect of remaining on their home island.