From Scotland to the world - the story of Jim McEwan

Jim McEwan

Jim McEwan's lifelong liaison with whisky began in the small village of Bowmore on 1 August 1963, the day he started his apprenticeship as a cask maker at the famous distillery of the same name at the age of 15 and learned the craft from scratch in the years that followed. His great teacher, the legendary cooper Davy Bell, soon noticed how much his heart beat for whisky. Davy took Jim under his wing and passed on his knowledge to his protégé.

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Islay - the heart of whisky

No other region in the world stands for the "water of life" as much as the Scottish island of Islay, part of the Inner Hebrides. The tradition of whisky distilling goes back centuries.

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The Book

Jim McEwan's biography "A Journeyman's Journey" takes you on his life journey as an ambassador for his home island of Islay and for whisky itself. Immerse yourself in the fascinating stories surrounding the "water of life" and accompany Jim as he takes his first steps into professional life, on his travels around the world in matters of whisky.

About the Book